Stretch fólia strojná

Machine stretch film

Machine stretch (pre-stretched) films are used for fixing goods on pallets, for batch and transport packaging. Stretch film protects against dirt and mechanical damage. It is very firm and highly elastic.

In case of high-volume purchase, we can make film modification: colored versions, printing or up to 2-year UV stabilization.

It is best to use machine stretch films on unwinding machines (packing machines).

Machine stretch film - use:

  • Packaging goods on pallets, batch packaging, transport packaging.
  • To fix cardboards, carrier boxes or products on pallets.
  • Protection against dust, humidity and mechanical damage, excellent fixing properties.

Machine stretch film - parameters

  • Width: 500 mm
  • Diameter of roll: 76 mm
  • Thickness of film: 0,020 mm
  • Weight of a roll: cca 17 kg
  • Pre-stretch: 150 %

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