Papierové vrecia s LDPE a HDPE vložkou

Paper bags with LDPE and HDPE liner

Paper bags with LDPE (low-density polyethylene) liner or HDPE (high-density polyethylene) liner

Use: packaging of commodities requiring high-quality protection against humidity and grease, such as dried milk, seasoning, chemicals, additives, dried products, building materials, feed, product of dust consistency

Types of paper bags

Depending on the type of bottom:

  • Sewn bottom
  • Glued bottom

Depending on LDPE liner:

  • LDPE liner is glued with the edge of the paper bag (Z-fold) – for automatic filling lines
  • LDPE liner has an overlap over edge of paper bag (attached to the bottom in points or sewn) – for manual or half-automatic filling lines, where the liner is manually welded or tied

Depending on paper used:

  • Bleached paper (B) – 80 g/m2, used usually for outer layer only
  • Brown paper (natural N) – 70 g/m2, used for both inner and outer layer
  • Inner layer with LDPE spraying (70 + 20 g/m2) is used mainly as inner liner, but provides weaker protection compared to LDPE liner

Paper bags with LDPE and HDPE liner - parameters

Bags are made according to customer specifications for size, print on paper bag and type of PE liner. Contact us for a price quote.

Width of bag: 35 - 65 cm

Height of bag: 40 - 130 cm

Width of glued bottom: 7 - 20 cm (as a standard 9, 11, 13, 15 and 18 cm)

Thickness of inner liner: 0,011 to 0,150 mm

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