LDPE fólie

LDPE films

We produce films to specifications and requirements of customers.

Use of LDPE films

  • For batch packaging of beverages, sugar, flour, salt, cans, conserves
  • Films for the use in construction industry, industrial production, and agriculture
  • LDPE films for magazines, newspapers, advertising leaflets
  • Films, bags, sacks, sheets for food processing, furniture industry, packaging and cleaning services

LDPE films parameters

LDPE and HDPE films are 100% recyclable

Colored LDPE films with colored print save costs compared to cardboard packaging, they provide good support and protect against moisture, dust and mechanical damage.

Possible film adjustments: perforation, UV stabilization

We can provide film of widths up to 6 000 mm with side folds

Width of film: 80 – 2000 mm (with side folds up to 3 000 mm)

Roll: 76 mm thin-walled or thick-walled paper or plastic

Thickness of film: 20 – 230 mm

Possible sorts of film:

LDPE fólie - provedení

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