LDPE a HDPE vrecia a prírezy

LDPE and HDPE bags and sheets

LDPE bags and sheets are made of LDPE and HDPE films. It is possible to make it from re-granulate film (for LDPE film only). Bags, sacks, and sheets can be loose packed or packed as rolls. Bags, sacks and sheets can be produced in transparent, colored and printed versions.

At your request, we produce these in non-standard sizes and shapes, perforated or with cut-outs.

LDPE and HPDE bags and sheets - use

  • Packaging of food, feed and other feeding products
  • Packaging of chemical components, wooden pellets, and briquettes etc.
  • Packaging of garbage
  • As liners in bags, boxes and other packages (protects against humidity and grease)
  • Protection against humidity and dust

LDPE and HPDE loose packed bags and sheets - parameters

Width: 100 – 1200 mm

Length: 100 – 6000 mm

Thickness of film: 0,02 – 0,23 mm

Print: maximum of 6 colors

LDPE and HPDE rolled bags and sheets - parameters

Width: 380 – 850 mm

Length: 380 – 1400 mm

Thickness of film: 0,011 – 0,04 mm

Print: maximum of 2 colors

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