VCL-Anticorrosion film

Anticorrosion films are used for packaging of metal items, components and machines if protection against corrosion is needed.

The active substance (corrosion inhibitor) is contained in LDPE film and its gradual release creates protective atmosphere.

The anticorrosion film is normally available in blue color with printed logo “VCI“, to differentiate it from common LDPE films.

Anticorrosion films can be printed for example with company’s logo etc.

VCL-Anticorrosion-film - parameters

  • Tubular width: 80 – 2000 mm (with side folds up to 3000 mm)
  • Film width: 60 – 2000 (flat film) or up to 6000 mm (with side folds)
  • Film thickness: 20 – 230 microns
  • Size of roll: max. 800 mm
  • Print: max. 6 colors (off-line) or 2 colors (in-line – print 2+2)

VCL-Anticorrosion-film – its advantages in use

  • Lower costs for packaging.
  • No need to conserve products by wax or grease and subsequent washing in solvents.
  • High efficiency – particles penetrate into cavities and hard-to-reach places.
  • The anticorrosion films may be reused – the substance is released from the film for up to 2 years.
  • Films are nontoxic and recyclable.
  • Transparency of film enables visual checking of packed goods.

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