Greenhouse films

Greenhouse films

Greenhouse films are made with parameters specified by customer.

Greenhouse films are made of translucent polyethylene film with 2-year UV stabilization which provides better resistance against whether conditions and damaging UV radiation.

The thickness of film used for production of greenhouses film is 150 microns, 170 microns or 200 microns.

Upon request, we can weld string in the tunnel to tighten and better attach film to the construction of the greenhouse.

Greenhouse films - advantages

We don’t recommend placing the greenhouse films in temperatures under 0°C. Lower edges should be covered with soil (pest and wind protection).

We use UV stabilized film for greenhouse films to manufacture films for hotbeds, covering, films for inflatable tennis halls etc.

After you send the exact size and approve the price, we can send you greenhouse film by post (cash on delivery) or you can pick it up in the place of business of our company.

Process of the size measurements of the greenhouse:

Dimensions of the greenhouse

A – length of the arc

B – length of the greenhouse

C – extra film to be put in the ground

X – width of the front side

Y – height of the front side

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