Bubble film, bags, sheets

Bubble film, bags, sheets

One-sided bubble film is made of transparent polyethylene with low density. Bubble film is a special type of shaped 100% recyclable two-plies polyethylene film (LDPE) with air bubbles with possibility of heat weld. It is used especially for sending and transport of goods.

It provides very good surface protection and prevents vibrations and shocks during transport. It is also used for insulation, as a covering for pools, for production of antishock packaging and envelopes, for packaging of fragile objects or for fixing of goods.

Due to the very low weight of bubble film, it can be used as a filler in parcels. It is a recyclable and highly insulating material sold at a reasonable price.

Bubble film, bags, sheets - parameters

Basic weight: 50 – 60 g/m²

Thickness: 50 mikrónov

Bubbles’ diameter: 10 - 12 mm

Bubbles’ height: 4 – 5 mm

Minimum film’s width: 500 mm (dohodou)

Maximum film’s width: 1500 mm

Length of package (standard): 100 m

We can use bubble film to make bags or sheets to customer’s specifications.

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