Lepiace pásky s potlačou

Lepiace pásky s potlačou

The adhesive tape with print is manufactured by so-called "sandwich" face technology, flexible printing technology. This means that the printed motive is placed into the interior of the foil and thus is protected from external influences, so the quality of the printed graphic over time does not decrease and the useful life of the printed graphic is the same as well as the useful life of the adhesive tape. Such a method achieves the highest quality, and in the actual technology it is possible to achieve the lower production cost.

The colors that are used in this method are water based and all have certificates on the health safety. Produced in four colors, or full coverage. By selecting the adhesive tape with print, the client gains a series of benefits, of which the most important are the:

  • branding of the company
  • protection against unauthorized opening of the packaging
  • the complaint of product...

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